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I know.  I know.  You are thinking, "This photo is pretentious".  But, it is one of the only self portraits I have that has not been taken with a point and shoot.  But there will be another... One Day... I promise.  <br />
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Originally from Massachusetts, I have been living in Los Angeles for the past six years.  I am a photographer and cinematographer.  My still work is both 35mm and Digital.  My video work is mostly with HD and 24P cameras, but have worked with film. <br />
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Basically, as long as I am behind a camera, there is a smile on my face.  I am always looking for new projects in any genre; commercial, landscape, fashion, headshot.  If you have any ideas or requests contact me and I will see what I can do.<br />
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I have just recently built this site and  will be progressively adding more photos, info & news, videos, and the ability to purchase prints in the near future.  Give the site a once over, and tell me what you think.  Suggestions are always welcome. <br />
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Hope you enjoy it.

     I have seen bios on other people's sites and they are written in the 3rd person, but you can tell whoever's site it is wrote the bio themselves.  So, in good conscience, Jay will not do that     

     I grew up in central Massachusetts, then moved to Boston to attend Emerson College.   After graduating with a double major in Film Production and Writing, Literature, & Publishing in 2002, I moved to Los Angeles.     

     I originally came to the land of dreams to pursue a career as a stand-up comic.  I managed to get to a level where I was actually getting paid to perform, but being a bartender/server was my main source of income.  Tired of the restaurant lifestyle, I decided to try and make my way into the production side of things.  That's when I realized, no matter what I was doing, as long as it was in the entertainment industry, I was happy.  I quit the restaurant and have been either behind or in front of the camera ever since.   

      My experience in most aspects of production has given me a credit as being a "jack-of-all-trades".  I can produce, direct, shoot, edit, write, act, (wow, sounds like I am completely full of myself, but honestly I love being a part of this business).  I strive to create content that is beautiful to look at, fun to watch, and making sure I know as much as I can in order to do so.      

     Please feel free to contact me with any questions, project ideas, criticisms, or even if you just want to say, "Hello".  I hope you enjoy the site.

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