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Guy Toam & Jay Sharron's - "A Prized Award"

2018 Collaboration Filmmakers Challenge Jury Award Winner - Best Film

* As a result of the exposure this festival gave our film, we were honored when an executive from Sony Stage 6 requested a meeting with us. That opportunity was followed by someone willing to take a chance on us, offering Guy and I a feature (chosen later) to direct for Stage 6. And would even help fund the project.
Sadly, due to things beyond anyone's control, this opportunity is (as of now) out of reach.
Guy and I cannot express how thankful we are to the person who was willing to take a chance on us; and we believe they are still willing.
All we can hope for is that this film reaches more people that are willing to take a chance on us and one day get that opportunity to direct our first feature film.
It will happen.
Matter of when.